Thrive on $6.65: Might be more difficult than expected.

A journal entry from Thursday March 21

It’s 6:48PM and I’m in an inexpensive but tasty restaurant on Church street in Toronto, ON having a simple chicken dish with brown rice… and a glass of water. Proud of how economical I’m being – and healthy, yet I’m realizing that this simple meal has blown my pending Thrive on $6.65 daily food budget by $0.70 (without tip).

chicken and rice

For weeks I’ve been consoling myself that I lived off of $5 per day for a few semesters when I was in College / Cegep (yup – I’m a Quebec boy). And then yesterday I remembered that breakfast was included with my room and that my grandmotherly landlady always ensured I had home-made muffins for a snack… which I used to subsidize my lunches. For the record – that was also 20 years ago.

As I sit here reflecting I also am quite aware that I’ve been eating all day long:

  • Oatmeal to start (again practicing for the week of Thrive on $6.65)
  • Left overs for lunch (from last nights take-out which was just under the fold challenge week budget)
  • A 2PM visit to Starbuck for tea & banana bread
  • And now… now, my meagre chicken, rice and water meal which in itself is a statement that says “You’ve blown your budget”

I think my pending experiences will be more difficult than expected.


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