Welcome To The Thrive on $6.65 Challenge!


We all budget for our meals in some form.

Whether breakfast is a bowl of cereal and some fruit or a drive through coffee and bagel… a lunch of leftovers or a regular visit to a favorite restaurant for the $10 special… a family dinner, a bite to eat and a drink with friends after work or even a special date night… We all eat everyday and we all have a certain amount to spend. Sometimes we’re thrifty, sometimes we splurge. It’s a luxury to have the choice.

Some people don’t have that luxury though. Some, like many Fife House clients, live below the poverty line and once essentials like rent are paid for, there is very little left for food. On average? About $6.65.

What if all you had to spend on food was $6.65 a day. Every, single, day. Regardless of occasion or health, what if all you had to nourish yourself was $6.65? How would that change your current habits? How would that affect your life? Your health?

Six volunteers have decided to see what that would be like. They begin on April 1st. For one week, they will be participating in the Thrive on $6.65 Challenge. Together, here on this blog, they will document what it’s like to have a severely restricted food budget.

So could you do it? Think about it when your in the grocery store next time or even grabbing a quick sandwich between meetings. If you only had $6.65, could you afford it?


2 responses to “Welcome To The Thrive on $6.65 Challenge!

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  2. I am interested in the challenge. Because I am always on a fixed income. And wondering what I can get for $6.65 a day.

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