Just signed up for the Thrive on $6.65 per day campaign for Fife House

The Four Food Groups

Today I accepted a challenge from Fife House, an affordable housing service provider in Ward 27 that supports the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS. In order to gain a better understanding for individuals living on fixed incomes and social assistance, I have pledged to live on $6.65 per day for one week starting April 1 to April 8. This is the average amount that an individual living on the Ontario Disability Support Program is left with after paying the rent with their $838 monthly allowance. I must admit that I was very reluctant to accept the Fife House challenge knowing that this will not be an easy task and I did not want to fail. The adverse impact of poverty for many families in Toronto is not a choice and I am committed to gaining a better understanding of their daily hardships. I dedicate the lessons ahead to them.


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