I’m Hungry. Thankfully I can eat all I want… today.

I’m #hungry. Or at least I was.

So, I left my office and blinking cursor to keep my open word document company and took a stroll to the kitchen (I work from home).

It was 4:30PM… give or take so I didn’t want to spoil my dinner, but I wanted something lite.  Like I do routinely, I opened the fridge and moved things around. “What is behind the milk?” I asked myself.  “How about cucumber slices or toast or… ?”

I glanced at the apples and bananas on the counter, but bored I opened a few cupboards and grabbed a few crackers. Tasty, but dry. Wait – there is salsa in the fridge… the good stuff. I saw that.Costco Salsa

Then I started to recall that I should feel lucky – not bored or dismissive of all my options. Thankfully I can eat all I want… today… but next week isn’t going to be so easy. All my food choices today will not be an option as I participate in @FifeHouse #Thrive665 … Trying to Thrive on $6.65 / day… for one week.  It will be a challenge.

With new appreciation for my kitchen and food choices I grabbed a handful of crackers and a few dollops of salsa and went back to my office to finish my day… and now to write this post.

I think I better get used to a grumbling stomach… and drinking lots of water. I should get back to work… grumble grumble grumble. Is that my stomach grumbling or just me worried about next week?


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