Should I buy it? Can I afford this deal?

It’s end of day Thursday before Easter and I found myself with a bit of time – time I can invest into planning what I’ll be eating next week and shopping. Clearly – good time management.

So equipped with time and advanced knowledge that eye of the round roast was on at $1.97 per pound (WOW!), I quickly ran up to my neighbourhood Food Basics. This would be great for my upcoming Trying to Thrive on $6.65 challenge (bringing awareness that very day, Fife House clients cope with the reality of having an average of $6.65 to spend on food).

eye of the round roast price

As soon as I arrived at the meat counter I realized I was in trouble. Sure the price was great, but the roasts were over $11.00.

What should I do? Would it be a wise decision to spend almost 1/4 of my week budget of $46.55 on just meat? And on top of that, just one type of meat?

A $12.00 roast would give me close to 1lb of meat per day. Is that a smart choice?  Do I need that much meat?  What other things would I be giving up if I purchased all this meat? Would I get sick of eye of the round day-after-day for 7 days?

As strange as it is to have all of these concerns, it was just as strange to be standing in the middle of a crowded, post-holiday grocery store with nothing in my basket having this internal conversation with myself (as row after row of heaping grocery carts passed me).

eye of the round roasts

In the end I turned away empty-handed wondering if leaving this deal behind was the right decision… but mildly satisfied I had to put more thought into this purchase. A $12.00 roast was a big deal and I was ill-equipped to make these big decisions on a whim.

Back to the drawing board.  Thankfully I still have time for more research.

If you have any thoughts, please… leave comments. Help me out.  What should I have done?


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