Still prep mode

Pouring over the new grocery flyers – looking for the sales and best buys.

FreshCo.       dz eggs for $1.44                                  – a bit of protein and for breakfast shakes

4L of milk $3.97                                  – enough for me for a week

Hamburger Helper $1.49                            – make the hamburger stretch

NoFrills        Frozen Veg $1.97/bag                     – gotta have the veg and good for a couple meals

Tomatoes/ Chickpeas .97/can (3)  – again stretch the meal(s)

1 lbs of strawberries for $5.00     – for my morning protein shakes

Loblaws       Four packages of KD for $5.00       – an old staple — for $40 I could have 32 meals!!

So I’m up to $21.78 for the week but still need to look at some serious proteins (meat).  Maybe a sale on turkey after Easter……



2 responses to “Still prep mode

  1. Dont forget to take you flyers to FreshCo with you they will price match, saving you a few cents here or there. Also if you dont ‘have’ to have a smoothie in the am why not skip the $5.00 berries and buy oatmeal for breakfast and put that money towards meats? If you want smoothies look at the discount section of the produce dept they often sell overripe bananas for next to nothing, just freeze them and then thaw over night and toss into the smoothie instead of the pricier berries. Your still getting good nutritional value for less money.

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