Nourishing More Than The Body

As Monday approaches, it almost seems as though my body is aware that my food intake is going to drop. Winter may be over, but I feel like I’ve been in pre-hibernation mode, increasing consumption in advance of a shortage.As timing goes, I’ve been fortunate to have a kitchen party with friends from the food industry Wednesday night and a very satisfying dinner at a friend’s restaurant last night. While this isn’t exactly an uncommon experience for me, my outlook on these meals has been influenced by my reflections in preparation for #Thrive665.

For starters, it has been another reminder of  many of the privileges I enjoy. While shopping for the get-together on Wednesday, I  remarked that a piece of cheese that I bought cost nearly as much as one day’s budget. Working my way through the store, my eye was drawn to each sale sticker and I made a mental note of what little luxuries might be possible next week. As each guest arrived with both food and drink contributions to the meal, the tally quickly rose.


Jump ahead to Thursday night, where I started my meal with two oysters before making my way through pork belly, lobster (in various dishes), flank steak with duck egg along with dessert and two cocktails (with my portion of the bill being $70.00). It’s easy to say that those expenses are extravagant to begin with and that it might do my own pocketbook some good to take things down a notch.


But the equation isn’t so simple from my perspective. Food is more than just nutrients to sustain our body, it is also part of how we connect with others and the world around us. Gathering friends together in our home was a chance to share recipes, but also to discuss ideas for new ventures and to fill the house with more memories. The dinner out was in large part to celebrate the visit of a friend who has recently relocated to Edmonton and to support our friend who owns the restaurant and participate in the culture of the city.

Above and beyond the emptiness in your stomach, what do you think you would hunger for if you lived on $6.65 a day for food?


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