Bruce’s Grocery List for #Thrive$6.65

It took awhile and much too’ing and fro’ing but the following is my Trying to Thrive on $6.65 grocery list (give it a click).

I used Excel to track what I wanted to purchase, what store it was at, the price I expected to pay and what each purchase meant to my overall total. Excel was a great help – but I have to think that most Fife House clients don’t have the resources to own a computer – and therefore Excel to help them fin-tune their purchases as I’ve been able to.

So, with the help of my computer, scouring flyers and driving to 5 stores I think I’ve done well, but unfortunately with my green tea purchased at the Bulk Barn I’m now $0.08 over my budget. I’m going to ask allowance and to please assume I found this extra money in my couch, an old coat pocket or perhaps on the street.

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 6.28.14 PM

Bruce’s Grocery List


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