Reflecting On My Purchase Process

Well it took a little bit of work but I’m feeling pretty good about my grocery shopping. It took 4 stores – although most of my groceries come from Food Basics… $37.92 of my budget.

When I add all the rest of my groceries up I have $0.59 that I haven’t spent… but I don’t have the green tea as my hot beverage or the high protein almonds to snack on that I was hoping for. I’ll stop into the Bulk Barn and see how many teabags I might be able to afford.

Bruce's Groceries Purchased

Groceries I’ve Purchased

And while I think I’ve done well, I’m reflective of all the items I would have liked to have purchased (some on my shopping list and some as photos – photos I’ve inserted at the bottom of this post). I’m also reflective of the time investment it has taken to get to this point:

  • Over an hour last night to hunt through the flyers – considering this combination vs. that combination
  • What store has my desired grocery at the cheapest price
  • The time (and gas), it has taken to visit 4 stores (will be 5 with the Bulk Barn for tea)
  • That I don’t have any mobility issues that might restrict going from store-to-store or carrying all these groceries home

All this to ensure I don’t overspend and to make sure I make the best overall decisions possible.

So here I sit feeling pretty good and looking forward to a family Easter feast tonight, I know that the real test of how well I’ve done will be next week as I sustain myself on my groceries. Thankfully I’m allowed to use my existing salt and pepper and other basic staples… I only hope I don’t finish any of them as the ‘Trying to Thrive on $6.65” challenge rules that is bringing awareness of the challenges of Fife House clients say that if I finish any staples I have to replace them – and I don’t have any room in my budget to replace anything.

Some of the groceries I would have liked to purchase.

Groceries Not Purchased 2Groceries Not Purchased 1


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