Breakfast #1 on #Thrive665

Bruce’s breakfast #1 on #Thrive665

7:30AM oatmeal image

A very large bowl of oatmeal is where I am going on day 1.  I spontaneously cut up 1/2 of my 1 banana per day allowance in it and then added my planned a bit of almond milk and 2T of yogurt (can’t use the ½ cup to 1 cup I would have normally put on it…. I only have 1 tub for the whole week).

The banana adds a nice – yet infrequent flavour boost. I need to remember tomorrow to either use the whole banana or to cut the pieces smaller so I get more taste throughout.

I hope this oatmeal holds me through to this morning.  I only have ½ banana and 1 apple that I’m going to hopefully treat as snack today.

I think it’s healthier to eat more in the morning. I’ll have to check and perhaps I’ll eat the apple this morning.

Now, to finish breakfast and get to work.


6 responses to “Breakfast #1 on #Thrive665

  1. Following all of you as you do this — great initiative to draw attention. Could I please have a link to donate to Fife since I won’t be able to make it to Taste for Life? Thanks, cate creede

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