Fuel for the tank

As I woke up this morning, two things hit me. One, it’s April Fools’ Day, so the news headlines were sure to be entertaining and, two, the Fife House #Thrive665 challenge begins today. It was only a week ago that a number of participants had gathered with staff to review the ground rules for this campaign and to get tips on budgeting and meal planning.

One of my concerns around eating on $6.65 a day is energy level. I lead an active lifestyle (to put it lightly) and therefore try to take in the necessary nutrients and calories to sustain me. In fact, with my running, I sometimes joke that I measure my miles in mouthfuls and martinis (the latter really just being aliteration; there are other drinks I enjoy).

All of that being said, I’m able to put this into some perspective. My food choices are largely dictated by self-created fitness goals and a personal ideal body image. For clients of Fife House living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, in addition to possible other diagnoses, such as cancer, Celiac disease or osteoporosis, diet is a key factor in to a successful treatment and management regime.

I’ve somewhat adjusted my physical activity routine for the week, but you may hear me talk about fatigue. Since this seems subjective, I thought I’d also share some concrete numbers. I’m entering this challenge at a weight of 156 pounds and will provide a daily update on any fluctuations.

What do you think the effect on your weight, stamina or general physical well-being would be if you lived on $6.65 a day for food?



One response to “Fuel for the tank

  1. Right on Cory. I forgot to post my morning weigh-in at 165.5lbs.
    As an active guy also I decided to keep up teaching my 3 SPIN classes and muscle work-outs and Friday Swim. Let’s see how that goes.
    Including my volunteer activities / meetings at Fife House… and work and trying to be a bit social… it should be an interesting week.

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