A Dr.’s Opinion of HIV/AIDS and Nutrition

I mentioned to my Toronto Naturopath Dr. Amanda Guthrie that I was taking part in this Trying to Thrive on $6.65 challenge. I also took advantage of the opportunity to ask if she could share insight about the importance of nutrition for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Being the caring and talented person she is, Dr. Guthrie wrote the attached summary.

Within this document, Dr. Guthrie outlines many factors including the importance of good nutrition on Body Mass from an overall health / strength perspective as well as self-image. She also outlines that for most HIV invected patients, unintentional weight loss is a reality.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 1.29.59 PM

On a personal note, I expect that all of us doing the #Thrive665 challenge, will likely lose a few pounds… and we’ll also likely put them back on as we return to our typical diets. Yet now more than ever, I respect the challenge people living on a fixed income have… and I also respect the added mental and physical stress that people living with HIV/AIDS endure as they struggle to purchase healthy foods and maintain their Body Mass.

Staying healthy isn’t easy for people on a limited budget.  Staying healthy is even more difficult for people living with HIV/AIDS on a limited budget; this is why the housing and support services that Fife House offer are so important.

Thank you Dr. Amanda Guthrie for sharing your knowledge.

Measuring nutritional status Dr Amanda Guthrie


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