Day 1 of #Thrive665 is done for Bruce.

Day 1 of eating for #Thrive665 is done.  I had ground beef and tomato sauce on 2 pcs of toast (no spices, veggies in sauce), for dinner this evening.

Eating on $6.65 / day is tough – it’s amazing that most Fife House clients do this every day.

I’m hoping that day 2 is better now that I’ve roasted a chicken (dinners first and then soup later in the week), and stewed some apples which will add flavour to my morning oatmeal. roast chicken

I am a bit worried about tomorrow as it is my long day:

  • Up at 4:30AM
  • Teach SPIN class at 6:30AM
  • Body / weights work out 8:00AM
  • Office – all day
  • 6:00PM Fife House meeting (volunteer activity)
  • 8:00PM dinner (unless I’m so hungry I eat before Fife House meeting)

Stay tuned.  I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.

PS: Great Twitter chat today.  Our next one is Wednesday April 3 at 7PM.  We’re calling it a Thrive Dinner Party.


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