Day 2 of Thriving

Great Twitter chat yesterday.  I am such a twitter neophyte – that was my first.

So far I have spent about $40.00 the remaining $6.00 is my emergency reserve .  Very good buys at Food Basics, No Frills and a small produce stand on Wellesley East.  Ran into our wonderful Councilor Kristyn yesterday doing the same thing.

What I’ve noticed so far has been the actual time it takes to source out good prices.  It would usually take me about 30-40 minutes to get the bulk of my groceries – usually walk down Church Street and everything is there.  This experience is a lot more time consuming.  Going store to store, haggling with the clerk over comparable pricing, calculating it all out – it took a good hour and a half.  And I have the luxury of living within walking distance of these stores.  Though many Fife clients live in the downtown area, many more do not live close to inexpensive grocery stores.  Imagine the traveling it takes to make your food dollar stretch.  Not to mention to cost of a MetroPass.

Day two starts with oatmeal (again) and half a grapefruit.  Poached my chicken last night and made a good stock for chicken soup later this week.  Will make chili with the hamburger tonight.  between that and various chicken dishes my dinners are done (I think).

The challenge for me is portion control – that chicken has to make 4-5 meals – last week I would have devoured it in two!

Also, welcome Gail to the Challenge!

Great coverage last night on CBC and 680News!


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