Power of One

After preparing and planning, yesterday was the official start of the #Thrive665 Challenge. For day one, my food intake looked like this:

Breakfastquick oats

Morning Snackwhole wheat toast with peanut butter

Mid-Afternoon  – espresso 

Dinnercheddar perogies with bacon

Late-night Snackwhole wheat toast with peanut butter

You’ll note that there wasn’t really a lunch in there. In the midst of a busy day, without an overstocked fridge or pantry or the disposable cash to run out to a restaurant, it just wasn’t in the cards.

But above and beyond what I ate (something I’m used to sharing on the food blog I contribute to), it was important to me to get across why I was eating in this way. Our first Twitter coffee chat was a way to connect with others around some of the basics of the challenge, as well as to share and receive ideas about planning community meals, the programs and services offered by Fife House, go-to nutritious foods and the importance of the social aspect of food. I hope that the conversation will continue and grow on Wednesday at 7 pm ET for our #Thrive665 dinner party.

The afternoon also presented an opportunity to spread the word when several participants were interviewed by Jermaine Hylton for Late Night CBC TV News. You can watch the footage here http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Canada/Toronto/ID/2368133165/ … starting at 15:15. It was interesting to hear what people had to say about whether they could survive on $6.65 a day for food.

As day two begins (at 155.5 pounds), what should I incorporate from yesterday’s experiences and interactions?


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