Tuesday morning gym… and #Thrive665

This morning was a typical Tuesday.  My alarm went off at 4:30AM, my feet hit the floor, I went downstairs into the kitchen… and then familiar stopped.

As my dog sat patiently waiting for her walk I pulled out one of my Bulk Barn teabags instead of preparing a pot of coffee.  While the kettle was boiling for tea – I prepared oatmeal. This morning’s oatmeal included a bit of applesauce that I was able to make yesterday from the excess apples I purchased (there were 11 in the bag so I used 4 for applesauce). I also prepared a second bowl of oatmeal to eat at the gym – after my SPIN class but before my workout with my personal trainer… to keep my energy up.

I have to admit that even using a personal trainer once-per-week seems like an extravagant luxury and I’m almost embarrassed to write about it. This is just one of those every-day things (like latté’s, restaurants, organic products and even a glass of wine or a beer), that many of us take for granted and that are not possible for Fife House clients. And while doing without these luxuries, they do have to manage their medications, nausea, and low energy that often comes with living with HIV/AIDS.


My energy has been fine so far today but it’s only 10AM.  That said, my trainer made me promise I would go home and eat eggs (after I told him I could not use the protein powder I usually use after a workout). Thankfully, I work from home.

So here are my eggs. No salt, pepper, cheese, mushrooms, bacon… Just three scrambled eggs.  I’m grateful that I found eggs on sale for $1.44 / dz or I would have likely had to go back to oatmeal for a third time today (good carbs but little to no protein).

I’m not feeling too hungry too often (so far), with #Thrive665 but more and more in these early days I’m quite amazed at how much time and planning it takes to eat on $6.65 per day. I also am praying I don’t run out of food by Friday. What would I do then?

Now, off to work. It’s going to be a long day and a late night. As a Fife House volunteer and Board President I have an Executive meeting this evening. I guess I’ll be eating late.


One response to “Tuesday morning gym… and #Thrive665

  1. Good for you and Coleen for trying this! It must be extremely difficult. I will be interested to talk with you about how it was when you finished. I hope you were both able to keep up your energy. I am sure you are going to prove what I’ve always believed – that it is not possible to live on what welfare allows – or at least live in any decent way.

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