Antioxidants are important for people living with HIV/AIDS

Yesterday I posted an article written by my naturopath Dr. Amanda Guthrie on Body Mass Composition.  I have the pleasure to post another on the topic of ‘why Antioxidants are particularly important for people living with HIV/AIDS’.

In this post (please click on the link below to launch the pdf), Dr. Guthrie explains the importance of flavonoids which are types of antioxidants that occur naturally in fruits, vegetables, tea, and many herbs, spices and legumes.berries

As Dr. Guthrie teats people with a variety of health related issues like cancer, depression, fatigue… and sometimes HIV/AIDS.  She sees first-hand not only what the text books tell us, but also the impact of good nutrition on ones mental and physical wellbeing.

Unfortunately, while Antioxidants are more important for people with health issues, when paired with the need to maintain Body Mass and consume healthy quantities of fruits and vegetables, often one (or both), fall short of the optimum quantities.

I can assure you being part of #Thrive665 that $46.55 for a weeks worth of groceries doesn’t leave you with much wiggle room or variability in your diet. On my limited experience, I don’t know how healthy eating and maintaining body mass can be accomplished – never mind any social experience we all enjoy from ‘breaking bread‘ with a friend.

Enjoy the read.

Antioxidants & HIV Dr Amanda Guthrie


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