day 3 in N Ont

Hi folks

Sorry all I clearly need a lesson on tweeting as I am clearly doing something wrong.

so doing the challenge at my parents in New Liskeard is a bit of a challenge but we worked out the equivalent of 6.65/day. We did have a salmon loaf and rice.

We have talked about the cost of fresh and affordable food items. Grocery stores like No Frills are important for Fife clients.  Unfortunately the No Frills on Sherbourne will be closing in the near future to make way for  large development.  Even though there is a Food Basics close by, the future loss of No Frills will greatly limit the choice for our clients and the St Jamestown community.  Access to affordable and nutritious food stuffs are vital to the health of HIV+ clients, if not thehealth of a vibrant neighbourhood.

At Fife we are responding to client nutritional needs in creative ways – meal programs, budgeting, cooking experiences, a communal kitchen program, rooftop edible  gardening and even the beginnings of a peer run micro social enterprise.

Till tomorrow and keep up the challenge #Thrive665



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