I’m being taken out for lunch. I’m Excited!

Trying to Thrive on $6.65 has entered day 3 and I’m approaching noon hour. I have to admit that I’m quite excited because I’m being taken out for lunch today as part of a business meeting.

This will be my first meal ‘off plan’ that I’ve had since Monday morning (and a welcome change from oatmeal, toast and peanut butter). You see, #Thrive665 participants are allowed three meals if we’ve been invited out. This symbolically matches the opportunities Fife House clients have to be invited out as a guest, or to take advantage of community meal programs that Fife House offers.


But while I will have a restaurant menu in front of me in an hour, my updated appreciation for the challenges that people on fixed-incomes face will weigh on my lunch food selection. Also, I have to appreciate this is an opportunity for me to get nourishment that I may be missing – or low on. For example, I think I’ll be drawn to dark green vegetables (if they are a choice); certainly a basket of fries would be a nutritionally bad choice (but oh-so-tastey).

I will not be drinking today. Even when I am on my normal diet I don’t enjoy drinking at a business event. I much prefer a quiet glass of wine once or twice a week with my dinner – something that our clients’ have to include in their $6.65 daily allowance. So far this week I haven’t missed that glass.

Note: Fife House community meal programs are largely funded by donations made by individuals.

What would you eat if you were on a fixed-income diet and suddenly had a restaurant menu in your hands?


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