A change for day 4

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling quite out of sorts. I scrambled up an egg as I realized that what I was lacking was protein. This has prompted a change in when I eat certain things. The yoghurt and fruit can be a midday and/or evening snack and now protein needs to head up the day.

I’m far more conscious of how much time it takes to plan when trying to eat on $6.65 a day. I’m also aware that if I can’t get the proper nutrition then I may not have the energy to plan my shopping list. Easy to see why I might use some of my money to buy fast or overly processed food. It’s a quick fix and satisfies my stomach without me having to work at it.

New batch of soup is made for my weekend. I will be coming into the city this weekend for a number of preplanned events. I’ve told my friends about this challenge and that I will be bringing my own meals. My three meals of someone cooking for me or taking me out, will happen this weekend. I’m looking forward to the variety and the greens.


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