Busy Day 4… and Down 2lbs

I’ll be running all day today – not literally, but busy.

After my morning dog walk (with tea not coffee), I got my day going with a weigh-in and breakfast.  I was 2lbs down… not statistically valid yet, but the direction is clearly down for the week. Note – my weight rarely changes much.

So, this morning I’ve added toast with peanut butter to my morning oatmeal. I only hope the carb-load doesn’t make me crash during the morning… but oatmeal is more of a complex carb. Fingers crossed.

I’m also noticing that I’m using my yogurt faster than expected. I’ll be out before the end of the 7-day #Thrive665 Fife House challenge. Argh! I see more than ever why Fife House meal programs and services are important part of surviving. Just having stable housing isn’t enough – nutrition is key.

I’m really going to have to eat as much as possible today. Does that mean I have to boil some potatoes for a mid-afternoon snack? I still have lots of those. That will be weird – but one has to do what one has to do. Body Mass is important.


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