No W(h)ine Wednesday

Day 3 of the #Thrive665 challenge arrived and I started my day with a weigh-in. The result: 157 pounds, up 1.5 pounds  from day 2. Although that may seem surprising at first glance, given my reduced consumption, I was aware of two things. Firstly, as recently highlighted by The Heart Truth, skipping meals can actually slow down your metabolism. Also, because of eating less this week, I’ve been less physically active. And while I will return to my regular habits next week without any long-term effect on my health, I’m conscious that maintaining a healthy weight is much more vital to residents of Fife House who face the challenges of HIV/AIDS, diabetes, hepatitis C, and more.

The other conclusion from yesterday: It’s extremely difficult to plan for a busy day away from home on a reduced budget. I had a number of meetings and errands that took me from the east end of the city where I live, to downtown, to Don Mills to Scarborough, and without being able to stop at a coffee shop, a restaurant or even the food court, I went from 9 am until 2 pm without eating or drinking anything. Some friends use the term “hangry” to describe that feeling that sinks in during times like that. While it may seem like just another trendy expression, there’s no denying the impact food or lack thereof has on mood.

Before returning home, I stopped at a grocery store (on an empty stomach) to pick up a chicken to roast and make a soup from and along with several other ingredients, ended up spending almost the entire  remainder of my $46.55 for the week. I’ll admit to often tossing in what some (including my husband) would consider gourmet items to the cart, but on this amount, my chicken will include nothing but onion and some salt and pepper. I’m considering adding in some of the frozen chicken meatballs for some flavour.

After a quick bite of some tuna and beans, I headed out to lead a run with GET Out! Canada, curious to see what my stamina would be like. In another case of poor planning on my part, I realized that the #Thrive665 Twitter dinner party chat was scheduled for shortly after the start of the run. I tried my best to contribute to the conversation as I really wanted this to be about more than just the experiences of the participants. I was thrilled to see engagement from people, including a crisis nurse (@AnneMarieBatten) and member of the Toronto Police Service (@analyzethis5253), as well as a suggestion from @lauromonteiro that the challenge extend beyond Sunday.

After the run, I didn’t have the energy or time to roast the chicken so opted for (more) pasta with part of a shrimp ring I had bought on sale. I knew I had several hours of work ahead and that I wouldn’t be participating in a weekly wine chat, but to be honest, I refused to whine. My reality has been changed for a week, but I’m aware of the comforts that await me. Furthermore, the challenge is starting important conversations and hopefully encouraging people to find ways to become involved in finding solutions.

If #Thrive665 was repeated, would you be willing to participate?


Grocery Bil # 2


2 responses to “No W(h)ine Wednesday

  1. I admire your willingness to participate and yes if this opportunity was offered again would be a part of it.

    • Thank you so much. I’m actually grateful for the opportunity to participate. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog as we discuss the wrap up of the challenge and next steps. Have you ever dined out during A Taste For Life? It’s another great way to support the meal programs of Fife House.

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