Friday: Breakfast: GYM: Lunch… and beyond

Here is my recap of how I’m feeling – from yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday was non-stop and I found it difficult to manage eating at all… never mind well on this #Thrive665 challenge. My weigh-in this morning showed I was down another 1/2 pound.

Today started at 5AM with a quick dog-walk, oatmeal and yogurt and then off to the gym to teach a SPIN class (as I feared I will run out of yogurt before Sunday). I noticed my energy was a bit low during the class and had to push myself to stay ‘up’ for the participants.

After SPIN I was determined to get my usual Friday swim in – and did… but again had to push myself, this time for my own benefit. I happily stopped after 20 minutes when the pool got crowded – using that as a good excuse vs. simply not feeling up to it.

Back at home / the office, I have a full ‘office’ day ahead working on client training programs. I think that’s a good thing because I was really hungry when I got home so could prepare something to eat. I happily have a lot of the soup/stew that I made the other day from my leftover chicken so warmed that up and, thinking of Dr. Amanda Guthrie’s article about antioxidants I added some spinach.

So, at 9:30AM today I ate lunch. This is actually my usual behavior on Fridays.  Like a Hobbit, I then eat my second lunch (often a whole thin crust pizza I add extra sauce, leftover meat and cheese), at 12:30PM. Not being able to afford the pizza, today, I will have more of my chicken soup/stew for lunch – I want to save my leftover meat sauce for the weekend (for variety as I will have enough for one more chicken soup/stew meal left).

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 10.34.46 AM

Am I getting tired of oatmeal, toast & peanut butter, meat sauce, and chicken soup/stew?  I’ll let you guess.

This weekend I will be doing some Fife House volunteer Strategic Planning work early Saturday morning and then to my new apartment to paint for the rest of the day (did I mention I’m moving?). On Sunday I will have a full day and then with others from a volunteer team, we will cook and serve a community dinner for Fife House clients who live in one of the resident buildings. These programs are funded by individual donations and fundraising events like A Taste For Life happening in Toronto on April 24 (email David Currah for more information at

Sure I have a lot going on – but so do Fife House clients… including mental and physical stresses that come with once being homeless (or at risk of being homeless), and having HIV/AIDS. These extra stresses include managing drug cocktail side-effects, trying to maintain a healthy weight, and often diabetes, hepatitis C, stresses on their liver and more. So, let’s be clear – I’m not complaining – just telling you how hard I find it, how much time it consumes and how I feel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have even more respect for people living on $6.55 per day – every day.  I think everyone should try this, even for a day. Perhaps you can try it this weekend – let us know how it goes.


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