I’ve been hungry all day…

I’ve been hungry all day…

I’m wondering if it’s my body trying to get back the weight I’ve lost. As if my body let me off the hook for a few days but now it’s saying ‘enough is enough‘.

So, what have I done about being hungry – I’ve eaten… and I feel like I’ve eaten all day.  Here’s what:

  • Breakfast @ 5:30AM = Oatmeal and yogurt with fruit
  • Post workout @ 9:30AM = Leftover chicken soup/stew
  • Lunch @ 12:30PM = More leftover chicken soup/stew (with hot sauce to mix up the experience)
  • Afternoon snack @ 2PM = 1 apple
  • Still hungry afternoon snack @ 3:30PM (while taking to mom) = Oatmeal with almond milk

Even thought I thought I was being creative when I was making my shopping choices for this Fife House #Thrive665 challenge, it doesn’t seem so fantastic now that I’m living it. I’ll never look at oatmeal the same again.

It’s now 5:45PM and I know I can eat again – but I’ll wait until 7PMish for dinner.  It will be interesting what my weigh-in tomorrow morning will be.  I might be up a bit.


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