Thanks to all for the emails and responses. The support makes it easier to keep up with the budget – and the recipes have been particularly helpful! It makes me think about how important community is and Fife House is a particular kind of community where service providers offer important direction about “trying to thrive”and where clients can gather and support each other.

Tonight is an interesting challenge. Prior to the challenge I had organized a dinner for 8 with my graduate seminar. Luckily there are enough vegetarians so meat is off the table. I woke this morning and lined up the cans of beans and tomatoes and vegetable that we had left from Colleen’s shopping excursion at the beginning of the week. What emerged was a chickpea dish, dahl, spicy brown rice and quinoa stuffed eggplant. Fortunately,  students are bringing the dessert, especially since one student is on a gluten-free diet. ! I have to buy some lettuce and a couple of vegetable (hope there is a bag on sale) to make a salad and some roti if we an afford it. Luckily the rules of the challenge are that we can use spices from our pantry, so cumin seeds, oregano, chilli, cloves, and pepper seeds are not included in the $6.65, or in our case as a couple, $13.30 a day.

I hope the students enjoy the meal!


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