Day 5

The end of day 5 and kinda hungary even after dinner.  I have tried to keep to the tenets of the Challenge while at my parents.  Breakfast only consisted of oatmeal and a half grapefruit. Lunch was a few slices of chicken (made before i arrived) and some rice and dinners were made up of a hamburger hash and a potato and a veg.  I have been drinking plenty of hot water with ginger – a good antioxidant.

My family still live on the farm and each year they grow a big veg garden – corn, peas, carrots, potato etc. and they try to freeze or store for the year. As well they preserve a lot of fruit and make their own jams.  Although, my parents had some significant health issues last year, my sister and I and dad put in a garden and in the fall did store quite a few veggies.

I say all this because many Fife House clients on a fixed income do not have ready and easy access to fresh ‘field to table’ fruits and veggies (much less than many urban folks).  To address this Fife House program staff are working on making contacts with ‘pick your own’ farms and gardens with the hope of taking clients to pick their own veggies and fruit.

We did this ‘pick your own’ farms and gardens activity a couple times last year and it was very successful. Clients would bring their bounty back and in the case of their apple picking trip made several apple pies.  We want to do more of these trips this summer and fall and to integrate that experience with our communal kitchen program.  It is so important for an individuals mental and physical health to get out beyond the four walls and the city to ‘touch‘ the earth so to speak, pick an apple, a tomato,  some fresh yellow beans and make a healthy dinner that night when you get home.

Well back to the challenge in the morning and back to Toronto.

Best,  Keith     Follow us on Twitter at #Thrive665


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