Day 7 – The Last day

Hello all:

Can’t believe it is now the last day in the #Thrive 665 Challenge .  In some ways the week went quickly in others especially during the hunger pains, time past at a crawl.

This last day I will be taking my reserved $6.00 and look for a deal for salmon (at No Frills). For tonight’s dinner – brown rice with salmon encrusted with green tea and miso.  Yes, I am using a green tea bag and a miso packet I found in the cupboard. I know, the green tea bag and miso I did not buy this week – I am stretching  it is a condiment.

It has been a week of oatmeal and stretched fruit and oatmeal smoothies (one this morning and the remainder for afternoon lunch).  Making a chicken last and make several meals; balancing being at my parents and being true to the Thrive challenge.  At this point I am totally out of fruit and vegetables (except one potato and a few celery stalks) and any proteins.  I did make my milk last a week – 3/4 of a bag left; lots of oatmeal (probably about a months worth); a bit of rice; two packets of those instant noodle packs.  Let me say those packs may be economical (.25/packet) but they are full carbs, bad fats and sodium, so not the most nutritious.

A big lesson/observation this week has been the incredable effort it took to look for food bargains.  It is not a matter going to one grocery store but several.   – not a big deal if they are located close to where you live but a considerable deal when those affordable stores require you to take transit (an additional cost, I might add).

In addition, there is also a large effort to be organized and planful – maybe  a good thing but it does take a bit out of ones ones day to look for food and prepare a reasonable weeks menu.

I do want to thank all the the participants in the Challenge,our Fife Board President, Bruce Mayhew and Board members Gail Flintoft, Colleen Kearney and her partner Doreen Fumia, food blogger Cory Pagett and City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam.  Your commitment to the Challenge and passion for those living with HIV have made your posts enjoyable and inspirational.  I would say that Kristyn’s pictures of her meals deserve a special mention for being the most inspirational in what you can do with a few food items.

Please follow our Twitter conversations at #Thrive665.  we will be doing a twitter conversation Monday April 8th at 11:00am.

If you would like to donate to Fife House please click here.

If you would like to attend A Taste For Life on April 24 click here.  A Taste For Life is Fife House’s largest fundraiser – and all you have to do is eat dinner at one of the participating 50 Greater Toronto Area restaurants.







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