I dreamt of food last night…

Yup, I dreamt of food last night… a burger and a beer.

I have mixed emotions on this.  I am partially amazed that my unconscious mind might be trying to tell me something… and disappointed that it only went to a burger and a beer. Perhaps my unconscious is also trying to stay on a budget.

So here I sit – Sunday morning – the last day of this ‘Trying to Thrive on $6.65’ challenge to bring awareness to Fife House and some of the challenges our clients face everyday. Here I sit, a bit tired of eating oatmeal every morning – and for a snack or two. Tired of eating chicken soup/stew I made mid-week. Amazed at how much time it has taken to plan what I was going to purchase and then make each meal. Amazed at how many fewer social events I’ve participated in because I simply could not afford to go out – to be out with friends and colleagues. And yes, I’m tired of often being hungry.

I’m also very aware that for many people these experiences don’t end after one week.

Here I sit – a few pounds lighter but with a much greater understanding that sometimes my days are tough – my relationships are tough – my work is tough… but I see how lucky I am that I got through my younger years without becoming a victim of HIV. I’m lucky because I’ve made some naive choices in my younger years that could have easily resulted in me contracting HIV and which may have – by now, run such a toll on my body and mind that I would be unable to work. Luck some of my friends and loved-ones didn’t have.

So, for my friends and loved-ones and all the people I don’t know who are impacted by HIV/AIDS I support and volunteer at places like Fife House because I’m able to. I support Fife House because Fife House works to get and keep people off the street. Why? Because people can’t consistently make healthy decisions when they live on the streets – and those decisions impact the quality of their lives as well as the lives of the people who share their communities.

So for all those people I will eat chicken soup/stew one more time today at lunch and I will hope for a better tomorrow for these lovely people.

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If you would like to donate to Fife House click here.  If you would like to attend A Taste For Life on April 24 click here.  A Taste For Life is Fife House’s largest fundraiser – and all you have to do is eat dinner at one of the participating 50 Greater Toronto Area restaurants.


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