social challenge for social change

Living on $6.65 takes a lot of organizing and while the challenge was actually fun for a week, living on this budget for such a short time made me aware that if it were for longer (and I am ready to take that challenge) or forever (not so ready for THAT challenge) my life would change dramatically. I think the biggest change would be community. I thought about how much my sense of community centres on gathering around enjoying and sharing activities like coffee, drinks, food, movies, theatre, music, events, and talks. If all events that cost money were removed from my life, I would feel devastatingly isolated.

Fife House importantly offers community to people living with HIV/AIDS and it wasn’t until this challenge that I appreciated just how critical that is.
I suppose the strongest thought I have is how do we turn a challenge such as this from simple individual experiences to collective social action for social change? In a time of so-called “austerity” -who suffers the most, who can do without a lot more and how do we make those diametrically opposed positions connect?

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