Preparing for Thrive665 2014: Using The Ancestral Table Cookbook

Less than 1 week away from participating the second annual Thrive665 2014 and I’m looking through The Ancestral Table cookbook.

Again this year I will be joining a group of participants to raise awareness of the challenges people living on subsidized incomes in Ontario face…. and specifically Fife House clients. The big question is… “Can a person really thrive on $6.65?

In a nutshell, the Development Department at Fife House worked with front line staff (who interact daily with Fife House clients), to identify that on average… after rent… clients live on a meagre $6.65 each day. Imagine…

The Ancestral Table: Paleo Lifestyle Cooking

I am not sure if it is going to help or hurt – but this year I’ve decided to try to focus on Paleo Lifestyle recipes. My Paleo reference will be Russ Crandall’s cookbook called The Ancestral Table. I’m hoping that Paleo will direct me to be health / nutritious choices.

From this Sunday, April 6th through to Saturday, April 12th $6.65/day will be all I will be allowed to spend on all food / beverages for the entire week.

Wish me luck – and keep checking back here to track my – and all participants success as we share what we’re eating, what it is like eating on such a small budget and and how we feel.

Happy Days.

Bruce – Retired Fife House Board President.

If you would like more information about Fife House and/or would like to make a general donation please visit Fife House website at




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