Back again for Fife House’s Thrive on $6.65 Challenge

Food is expensive and it's not easy to thrive with a $6.65 a day food budget.  Take away the dollar, take away the food.

Food is expensive.  It’s not easy to live and thrive on a budget of $6.65 a day. No money, no food. No eating, no thriving.

When asked to join the Fife House 2014 Thrive on $6.65 a day challenge, I originally said “no.” Seriously, I didn’t think I would be back for this challenge.

I learned from last year that in order for me to thrive on such a modest daily food budget, I needed to meal plan properly, organize my grocery shopping and cook every meal for a full week. I knew this was going to be very difficult.  My city councillor duties easily take up 13-14 hours a day. My staff book 10-13 meetings for me daily and virtually every single evening Monday to Thursday, I am committed to community meetings. Last year’s challenge, left me with low blood sugars and fatigued for a better half of seven days. I didn’t want to go through that again.

Then I re-considered. The clients of Fife House don’t have a choice. They are living 24-7 with HIV/AIDS. Financial and physical hardship plague them daily. With this in mind and with humility, I re-commit myself and hope to bring awareness to the cause – living with illness and in poverty is no way to thrive. 

I dedicate my upcoming week to Fife House and all those working and volunteering tirelessly to end the pain and plight caused by HIV/AIDS.



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