Thoughts Going Into the Challenge


I know this challenge is going to be a very large eye opener for me. I rarely have time in my schedule to cook so I rely heavily on dining out. Trying to come up with my meals for the next week is difficult. I have always been a picky eater, and you can’t create quick meals on $6.65 a day! In the past year I have tried to steer clear of foods that are high in sodium or carbs, like bread, pasta and fast foods – all in an effort to be healthier. My initial impression before starting this challenge is that it is going to be nearly impossible to eat healthy. To give you some perspective, a ‘Big Mac Meal’ at McDonalds is $5.63 included tax. Not that I would eat that in the  first place, but that is already nearly the entire days’ budget for ONE meal! The burger alone is nearly 600 calories, has 29 grams of fat and 970 mg of sodium – needless to say, this is quite the opposite of healthy, and I can’t even afford it on my budget!  I’m very fortunate, lucky and privileged to be able to spend as I see fit on food. But in reality, in our great city of Toronto, nearly a quarter of the population live in poverty.

My friends and colleagues have started telling me where the sales are on eggs, kraft dinner, etc. are, and advised me to be browsing the flyers. I’m thinking that my diet will consist a lot of eggs, frozen meals and peanut butter.

I’m afraid that from not eating healthy, my energy levels are going to drop, my moods are going to be terrible and subsequently my productivity at work will be at risky.

Looking forward to keeping you all posted!


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