Breakfast Eaten & Hungry: Poverty In Toronto

Poverty in Toronto and this Thrive665 challenge isn’t taking a break today – even thought I have a busy day. I have a full day’s of work and have to get to another city by mid-afternoon… so this blog post is going to be short.

I’ve been at my desk since 7:45AM. Morning oatmeal (with cinnamon), and yogurt has been eaten – in line with my Thrive665 budget of no more than $6.65 per day. Without doubt, breakfast is far less of a breakfast than I usually would have. Hunger In Toronto

So, at 9:55AM my mind keeps being distracted with thoughts to go get something to eat.  Hunger is not a good friend or co-worker. Unfortunately, my appetite and hunger doesn’t realize I’m on a budget.

Poverty In Toronto

Whether it is poverty in Toronto or poverty in any city / town, hunger is very distracting. Knowing that Fife House supports not only men and women… but also families who have children, I begin thinking about the children who go to school hungry…. any child – not just Fife House clients with children.

At least as an adult I can rationalize my hunger even though it is distracting… but children… can they? What does this distraction in concentration do to there ability to learn, to concentrate, to be creative, to problem solve?  What does the distraction of hunger do to a childs’ mood – their ability / desire to socialize – to be outgoing. WOW!!!

Thrive665 identified to me last year just how much food I usually eat.  This year it looks like I will learn that lesson (and others), again. It is times like this I wish I had lots of activity / people around me to distract my hunger instead of working mostly by myself.


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