Day of Thrive on $6.65


Hi all.

Day one started with shopping for my food supplies on Sunday.  Good buys on some staples at Food Basics (St Jamestown) and then some fresh veg and fruit at small green grocer on Wellesley East.   total spent so far – $39.75. Made my version of Hamburger Helper dinner yesterday afternoon – it will last me all week (it will have too!!).Keiths Groceries

Also bought some discount strawberries and bananas – the foundation for my morning smoothies along with on sale no-name oatmeal.

Lesson I learned from last year was to make big batch and freeze the leftovers.  I have a little left to buy on sale chicken thighs for make stock and chicken lentil soup – my one variety item.

There will be no coffee for me this week and as others have said the withdraw headaches are happening.

A big shout out to Kristyn and the other Thrive on 6.65 team!  And a thank you to all who participated in our Thrive and A taste for Life kickoff on Sunday.

Till next time….



One response to “Day of Thrive on $6.65

  1. One thing you can do to make instant oatmeal like you get in the packets is to buy a bag of no name quick cooking oats (or go to a bulk store). Use a blender or food processor (or borrow one from a friend) and give them a quick buzz to cut down the flake size as it makes them cook faster. Add powdered milk, if desired (I just use milk when I make it), and brown sugar to taste. Put in snack size no-name zipper bags. It costs more in the onset but you will cut the per serving cost by half or more depending if the ingredients are on sale or not.

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