Making it work

Today my Thrive on $6.65 budget diet began and I was interviewed this morning by CTV anchor, Sarika Sehgal, who seems to have  a personal interest in this challenge.  We should invite her to join us next year!

This week, I must break my perpetual habit of popping into cafes for espressos or soy lattes.  Like many others, I have a caffeine addiction.  Now I find myself looking into the inviting cafe storefronts, remembering my fixed budget and turning away.  Already this has happened about half dozen times today.  In my honest self-assessment,  I’m off to a ‘okay’ start for the week.

Cashing out at No Frills and know that I don’t have enough food to cook 21 meals.  Total come to $41.27 and this leaves me with $5.28 for the week.

Cashing out at No Frills and know that I don’t have enough food to cook 21 meals. Total come to $41.27 and this leaves me with $5.28 for the week.

Yesterday was a busy Saturday and the only day I had to properly organize myself for this challenge. Instead of making a shopping list like last year, I winged it on the floor of the grocery store.  Panicking to get all my shopping done in one place and at one time, I spent $41.27 at No Frills.  I’ve now only got $5.28 left for the rest of the week.  Guess I will be at the Bulk Barn for very, very, very small amounts of lentals, rice or coucous. Perhaps I was feeling confident initially as my budget planning last year was better. My schedule was a wee bit lighter and I had more time to organize my meal planning and purchases.  In fact, I had finished the 2013 challenge with extra money left in my pocket after carefully taking some time to navigate through Chinatown and Kensington Market independent shops for healthy options.

Anyone living with less than $18,759 per annum is considered to be living at the poverty level.  Those receiving social assistance or Ontario Works get $8,145.96 per year and if one assumes that all bills are paid up front, then they will run out of money by June 7.  The six remaining months are no doubt stressful beyond comprehension.

Today’s Sunday meals included the following:

Breakfast – Baked beans on multigrain toast & Hong Kong style milky tea.

Lunch – Sandwich with capocollo, roma tomato, caramelized onion, French mustard on multigrain bread.

Dinner – Bolognese & tortellini with a side of sauteed rapini. Leftovers will be my lunch tomorrow.

Tortellini with bolognese sauce.

Tortellini with bolognese sauce.

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