Headaches, No Energy & Cutting Corners



Living on a food budget of $6.65/day you have to cut corners. So when I woke up yesterday, on Day 2 of the challenge, there was no breakfast for me until I got to work. I take an Omega 3 pill  a multivitamin every morning and am continuing to do this throughout the challenge. I was beyond nauseous on my way to work as these pills were the only thing in my stomach. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to take them with food!

When I arrived at Fife House, I immediately made myself a toasted bagel with peanut butter. This seemed to calm down my stomach a bit and helped me regain some focus. I noticed as the morning went on, my head was starting to throb. I told myself that I couldn’t eat before noon because dinner wouldn’t be until much later! It seemed like forever but I finally got to open my 69 cent can of baked bean in tomato sauce. They did not look appetizing to say the least, but they were edible. As soon as I finished, I realized that I was still hungry…

I felt like I barely survived the afternoon as I had a horrible headache. It took every part of my being to stay focused on the tasks at hand. 4:30pm rolled around and my coworker was preparing the Boardroom for the Board Meeting. He put out cookies, grapes and pop for them. I couldn’t help myself to some cookies. I was that hungry.

When I got home, I made myself a sandwich consisting of processed meat slices on pita, all of which I bought on sale. My energy levels were so low by this point that after letting the dog out, I went to go lie down and watch tv in my room. Thankfully I set an alarm because I ended up passing out for the entire night.

Some of the other participants in this challenge seem to be handling it pretty well but I really don’t know how to cook other than eggs and kraft dinner (nor do I have the time). I commend them for being well-prepared. I think I might need to rethink my strategy!



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