Lunch At 11

Sounds like a radio show or the name of a song… but no… Lunch At 11 is what just happened.

I was hungry – still am actually.

While I was going to try to wait until noon the simple fact is I have some work to get done and I’ve been distracted.

Granted it was an early morning.  5AM dog walk – 6:30AM SPIN class – get back to the house – work. Even the SPIN class this morning was different.  While I usually have no problem, the last 10 minutes were a mental and physical challenge. For those wondering why I did a SPIN class while on the Thrive665 challenge… there are many reasons… but the most important is that I believe that to stay healthy and happy (physically and mentally), exercise is critical.Fife House

In fact – Fife House more than anyone knows the importance that overall lifestyle balance has on the health and happiness of people. Fife House is built on the principal of  providing housing first while also building a support structure around the individual which includes health care providers, housekeeping skills, opportunities to socialize and purchasing / preparing nutritious meals.

But – let me get off my Fife House soapbox… this volunteer has to get to work. Thank you for your interest in Thrive665.

Have a great day.

Think about joining Fife House for A Taste For Life on April 23.

If you would like more information about Fife House and/or would like to make a general donation please visit Fife House website at

Follow the Thrive665 challenge on Twitter using the hashtag

Also, follow Fife House on Twitter using


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