Near the end of day 5 on #thrive665


Near the end of day 5 on #thrive665.  Hope people were informed by last nights twitter conversation #thrive665 .  Lots of great conversation about the impact of living on such a limited budget. I finished my last serving of the hamburger/pasta combo I made on Sunday – none too soon – was getting rather tired of it.  My goal after work is to go to Food Basics or No Frills to buy an inexpensive piece of chicken – I have about $4.70 left.  I bought a couple carrots and an onion for .30 to make a chicken stock .  from that I will make a chicken lentil soup with my remaining veggies and the meat  from the chicken.  This will/must last me to Sunday.  I do have some pasta and cheddar cheese left – I can try and make a mac and cheese dish too – but not many ingredients to make it tasty.Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.11.20 AM

I’ve found this year I’ve bulked up on carbs (the pasta) and protein (the hamburg) a bit better than last year.  As well the veg and fruit have been better planned (my morning fruit smoothie will last the week).  But as always and what is typical for people on a fixed assistance income, food stuffs and $$ run out before the end of the month – or the end of the week for me.  This is an inconvenience for me but it is a harsh reality for our clients.

I am chairing an all day meeting tomorrow – to remain focused, alert and generally on the ball, will be a challenge – maybe two fruit smoothies in the morning and a bigger portion of soup.

Think about joining Fife House for A Taste For Life on April 23.

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Till tomorrow ….


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