Eating has become a thing I have to do

Food and eating has become a thing I have to do – almost put up with vs. a thing I enjoy. I wonder if the other participants feel this? I wonder if Fife House clients feel this?Thrive665

Now, I spend so much time (it seems), either:

  • Trying to plan / organize my next nutritious meal
  • Hungry

What an odd combination – irony.

Interesting how oatmeal – which I eat often – now instead of feeling like ‘nutritious long lasting energy’ almost feels like punishment. I expect it is the element of choice that is at play here. Often – I choose to eat oatmeal… now I have to if I want to have a healthy, low-cost meal that will make me feel full for a while.

Well – breakfast is done – and here I sit in my home office… me and my green tea better get back to work.

Have a great day.

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