Day 6


… and I’m glad it is over!!

Long day of meetings and catching up on work.  I took one of my ‘free’ meals today – a lunch.  I was chairing a day long board meeting of the Ontario Non-profit Housing Association – had to keep my wits about me and be somewhat on the ball.-. then back to the office to catch up on emails.  Looking forward to making my last couple meals – chicken lentil soup.  It is supposed to last me for three meals – tonight’s and two tomorrow.  However I think I might eat the entire thing tonight.

Today’s experience hi-lighted for me the experience of people on limited income who agencies ask to be part of focus groups, meetings, members of committees, boards, research development etc.  We ask for their input/opinion on many things – housing, program development, research questions etc but sometimes we forget to have snacks or some sort of food at those meetings.  Not to be overly dramatic, but that snack might be the ‘lunch’ that someone wasn’t able to have that day.  Active and meaningful participation takes energy and you cannot do that on an empty stomach.

Hope everyone has a good evening – enjoy the beautiful weather and don’t forget…

Think about joining Fife House for A Taste For Life on April 23.

If you would like more information about Fife House and/or would like to make a general donation please visit Fife House website at

Follow the Thrive665 challenge on Twitter using the hashtag

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