The Results of Living on $6.65



It’s been a rough week to say the least. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look at canned beans the same way again! But all kidding aside, #Thrive665 has affected my life this past week in a few very negative ways:

1) Social life – Literally non-existent at the moment. With no money to dine out or go for a coffee/drink, I have had to turn down most social outings. I feel left out, all because it costs money to stay social!

2) Health – This morning I stepped on my scale to find out that in 6 days, I have lost over 5 pounds. I’m a pretty skinny guy to begin with, so this is a significant loss.

3) Moods – Let’s just say I haven’t been a lot of fun to be around! I’m very tired all the time and without my full meals, I don’t have my normal second burst of energy when the afternoon rolls around.

4) Productivity – Yes, I have been completing all of my work this week, BUT, it has been a huge challenge. I’ve found that my ability to focus and concentrate is at an all time low.

With two days left, I almost can’t believe I’ve made it this far. This challenge has been a real eye opener for me on many front. I now have even more respect for our clients who live below the poverty line, because it is more than just a challenge to them, it’s life.


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