Almost there and not a day sooner

Delicious meal served at the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto’s Minaake Awards.

This week just seem to drag on and on. Easily each day I clocked over 14 hours at work.

Early morning interviews, long day meetings and then evening community events. This was just one of those weeks. It feels great to be home on a Friday night. Not that I could afford to go out on the town with only 8 cents left  in my Thrive on $6.65 budget.

I have food left in the fridge as I only managed to cook four times all week.  Luckily for me, I generally good in large quantities and am able to divide up each cooked meal into 4-5 smaller meals. Which I eagerly ate all week. Of course, it was monotonous eating the same thing, over and over again – – Tortellin with Bolognese, Indian curries (which I do love), ratatouille and red bean, ginger and carrot soup. Sincerely, who has the energy to complain.  Then again who would listen.

After all, how often do we take time and interest in the poverty struggles of nameless strangers?

This is a question we should answer together.




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