Day 3: Tuesday Morning


So this is my first Blog on Thrive this year. This is the third year I am participating in Thrive and you would think I have perfected the shopping and meal prep…. It was a bit of a struggle to to retain a buffer in case of a food emergency.
On Friday I did buy 3 litres of milk at Shoppers for $3.97 and Margaret and I went to Freshco at Dundas/Sherb to buy 18 eggs that were on sale $1.29 quite the deal! and I bought a whole chicken for $10.00 another deal. Saturday was meal planning. Again like last year Breakfast was going to be fruit smoothies – I will add an egg for protein. and the I will make two big batches of food that will need to last a week. A Mac/Cheese/hamburger casserole and a bulky /chunky chicken soup. Again , not much in the way of variety – the chicken soup and morning smoothies appear to be the most healthy.
Sunday was the main shopping day. The trusty green grocer on Wellesley near Sherbourne proved to be the house of bargains. a bag of 10 apples, 5 oranges, two containers of black berries, two containers of raspberries, container of strawberries, a large onion, salad greens, carrots, potatoes, celery and an avocado all for 21.60. A bit more in the way of healthy greens.
Also a deal on Peanut butter and one tin of canned tomatoes at No Frills and Macaroni at the Bulk Barn.
Like last year a lot of running around to find sales ask for price matching etc – that was most of Sunday.

Total spent = $46.50 – no food buffer this year!

The remaining part of Sunday was meal prep.
I made stock from the whole chicken and veggies and then made a big batch of chicken soup. second thing was a the mac/cheese/hamburg casserole – frankly more macaroni than any thing else but there is a lot of it. Also made apple sauce this was a pleasant departure from from previous years where I did not have any dessert.
Monday was ok but I miss my coffee and I was at City Hall for most of the day waiting to depute on the Housing Stability Service Planning Framework and the Housing Stabilization Fund. A bit of a growly stomach. Probably ate way too much of the mac casserole . I have to remember – PORTION CONTROL!!!


It is challenging to make this budget work but it is the time people have to put into make it work – going from store to store – even though No Frills offers some price matching often times most people either don’t know about this or find it intimidating or just dint bother. Also, because all the wonderful fruit and veggies I bought at a bargain rate – do indeed go bad within a day or two – you need to either prepare them right away (time consuming…) or freeze them. Many on limited income may not have the space – large fridge and adequate freezer or pots/pans – for prepping and storage.


2 responses to “Day 3: Tuesday Morning

  1. Some people with HIV have blood sugar problems after being on the Medications for years…..Staples for people living in poverty, like pasta , regular peanut butter etc. are supposed to come off their menus…..making it even more difficult to stretch that dollar out .

    Thanks for taking the challenge once again this year……I’ll try and spread the word about it

  2. Thanks Gary – excellent point. Because pasta (and at times peanut butter) is rather inexpensive it tends to form the bulk of ones diet. it it is high in gluten and sugars and generally not a healthy balance when it is most of your menu – as it will for me the rest of this week.

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