Tougher than I thought

Went out with my friend Diane last night. We met at a food court, and I brought a deviled ham sandwich and a carrot. She had Sushi because she knows I don’t relish it and I would not have food envy. Then we went to a delightful authors reading that lasted an hour longer than I expected, with all of the questions from the packed house. Then, it took another hour to get home, and by that time I was very hungry. I could have had some of the chili I made on Sunday or the other half of the deviled ham I was saving for lunch today, but instead I had 6 tsp. of peanut butter straight out of the tub. I felt deprived. It is tough having to be so mindful of my food consumption, and I feel for clients who may have even fewer options than I do this week. Please donate so that one of our residences can put on treat meals for our clients?


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