Day 4

Another day of chicken soup – a very chunky meal in itself. This year I seemed to have loaded more on the carb and starch side – potatoes in the soup and pasta in the casserole. I certainly feel like I have not lost weight but it is an unhealthy weight. – pasta and potatoes are inexpensive – need to balance that with good fresh greens!!

Nutrition and food security are big issues for people living in poverty and who are HIV+. At Fife we have a number of meal and food programming – some client lead – such as the Bread delivery program and 490S Breakfast Club and meal programming at Denison and the Transitional Program – and some are volunteer and staff lead such as lunch programs at 490S, coffee and lunch and weekend meal programing at Jarvis. Everyone has a keen sense of creating and delivering balanced and healthy meals. In 2014/15 between all Fife community and residential programs we served over 6200 meals. Bricks and mortar do create shelter and housing but nutritious food and breaking bread with your neighbour creates a home.

You can make a difference in a clients life by making a donation at

A challenge for me for the remainder of this Thrive week is I need to travel home to my sister and parents. There are some parental care issues that i need to attend too. with that I will be bringing some of my leftovers – the berries, soup and leftover casserole with me – yes actually packing small doggie bags to at least tide me over until Saturday.

Till tomorrow…..


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