Expected to lose weight – not happening

   I am filling up on bread and macaroni, and running out of vegetables.  Also, since I am thinking about food so much this week I am feeling hungry much of the time, and more than once I have rounded off the evening by eating peanut butter out of the tub with a spoon.  And, probably I am eating more than usual, having to plan out my meals and not graze.  A thought strikes me – you have to be rich to be thin.  Of course, the exception is when you are so destitute that you are starving, and I like to believe Fife House clients are not in that place, at least not once they become our clients.  It is hard, though, to imagine the plight of someone on a limited food budget if something goes unexpectedly wrong.  What if I make a casserole using my precious ingredients, expecting it to last a few days and tide me over, and burn it?  What if the packaged breakfast cereal I bought as a luxury turns out to have weevils in it?  Have heard that bugs are nutritious but I wouldn’t want to test that out.  Then again, it’s good to know that I could actually survive on much less than I have.  Maybe become as resourceful as our clients.


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