Days 5 ,6, and 7.

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Hello All,

Since Thursday afternoon I’ve been with my parents and sister in Northern Ontario.  The pictures above will tell you spring is not here yet!  My dad has some health conditions and is in the hospital that is why I’m here. That said, there are challenges following the Thrive rules. I have had my doggy bag leftovers but I have had to use two free meals – One last night and one tonight.

Last night my mom had already taken a pot roast out for me to prepare.  I can say all the accompanying veggies – potatoes, carrots, onions and peas were local- they were from the garden my sister and I planted last May. Thus saving $$$.

And tonight we have have been invited out to dinner by my parents neighbour’s.

I can say if you are lucky enough to have a plot of good land you should plant a garden . Fresh nutritious veggies are so healthy. You can freeze them and have them all year.

But if you are in an urban setting, access to such things is challenging.if you are on a fixed income often your rent is over 30% of your months cheque,  if you and your family don’t live in subsidized housing. Not leaving much for food.  Finding good healthy, food in your area is difficult and often requires the TTC. And finding food that fits with your meds or health conditions can be hard and at times expensive.

We at Fife recognize the importance of having food security for our clients. Many of our community activities centre on food and meal programming.

Urban gardening at 490 Sherburne started last year and will continue this spring. Clients will be growing their own herbs, Tomatoes, peas etc .  To help with their food costs.

To help our clients this year please support our Thrive 6.65 challenge at


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