Are you up to the challenge? Could you thrive on $6.65?

Every day, Fife House clients cope with the reality of having only $6.65 to spend on food; a tough task considering steady increases in prices. From March 22-28, 2014, senior staff and Board Members of Fife House will drastically restrict their personal food budgets to $6.65 a day to help understand and draw attention to, the poverty and struggle of Fife House’s clients; most of whom live below the poverty line.

Fife House has been providing safe, affordable housing to men, women and families in Toronto living with HIV/AIDS for 25 years. In addition to housing, Fife House assists clients through supportive programs, including meal programs; which help bridge the gap when financial resources aren’t enough. Living with HIV/AIDS comes with numerous difficulties, so eating nutritious meals and having access to affordable housing and medication is critical to maintaining health.

The Thrive on $6.65 Challenge asks participants to put themselves in the shoes of Fife House clients. Ultimately, they won’t experience the whole reality; as participants already enjoy stable lifestyles and amenities; plus they’re not coping with the significant side effects HIV/AIDS medications can come with.  Collective experiences, effects on mood, energy and mobility will be shared here on this blog.

This year, the team taking part in Thrive $6.65 will be raising $1500. These funds will provide a free monthly meal to people in a Fife House residence. Select the donation you would like to make on this page from the drop-down menu and click add to cart.

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

Help our team reach their goal and contribute to the meal program at Fife House today!


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