Doreen Fumia

You can follow Doreen’s experience with the Thrive $6.65 Challenge  here, on Twitter and of course the Fife House Facebook page!


7 responses to “Doreen Fumia

  1. Attended an important and informative training session about how to survive on $6.65 a day for food. There was a mixture of somber quiet and nervous laughter amongst the 4 men and 2 women present as we contemplated just what we would have to cut from our current food budget.
    Please pass the peanut butter…

  2. Doreen, I have sometimes wondered how I would cope if I had to severely restrict my food budget and figured I would likely have to survive on homemade soup, maybe even “stone soup”. What you, Coleen and the others are doing is admirable. We all need to be reminded of those less fortunate and I hope your efforts bring about significant change. Love and best wishes, Gloria.

    • Hi Gloria,
      While it may seem like what Colleen and I are doing is admirable, (and thank you for this support) it makes me wonder if we all ate what our bodies needed instead of consuming without thinking about the cost and resource depletion, would we have enough to provide adequate food and funding for all who need it? I realize this is what poverty activists have been saying for decades (centuries?) but it needs to be re-stated regularly.
      I do think that that this campaign has value for raising awareness about the inadequate support those on ODSP receive and about important services that Fife House provides. However, it also occurs to me that people making decisions that allocate $6.65 a day as a sufficient budget for all food, toiletries and sundries (even those living with compromised immune systems such as a those living with HIV/AIDS) are the ones who should take this challenge.

  3. Hi Prof. Fumia,
    This sounds like a challenge and reading your accounts really puts things into perspective – for all the things we take for advantage. Good luck and I look forward to continue reading your entries!


  4. HI Afnan,
    Thanks for the support, it is much appreciated. More and more Ontarians have to tighten their belts, quite literally when living on such a meager food budget.
    Two 2012 reports demonstrate that many more Ontarians are living in poverty: Falling Behind ( and Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work (Law Commission of Ontario)
    Food for thought…..

  5. I couldn’t agree more. If I recall correctly, a few years ago one of the city councillors tried living on a very limited budget for a while but I don’t recall the outcome of his challenge. Take care, gloria

  6. When I first heard about this, I thought doing such a thing was near impossible. How could someone survive on $6.65 and still remain healthy? But then this past saturday I had the previllege of visiting Professor Fumia and have possibly one of the best home cooked meals of my life. I am not sure if many people can pull this off, but she and Colleen have certainly managed to budget their spending. This just goes to show that those with smaller incomes are bound to strategize more about their income. So much for “the poor, being poor because of not knowing how to save money”.

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